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Volunteering can provide individuals with the opportunity to enrich their skills, form networks and build experience in particular occupations. It is estimated that approx. 6 million people in Australia volunteer and contribute to their communities every year. There are a number of organisations that can assist with this. The benefits of volunteering include:

• gaining new skills and knowledge
• improving job and career prospects
• gaining a sense of achievement and fulfilment
• personal development and greater self esteem
• better physical and mental health
• connecting and better understanding your community
• meeting new people and making new friends.

Here are some important and useful services and resources for people wanted to gain on the job experience by volunteering.

NSW Volunteering Unit

The NSW Volunteering Unit is located in the Office of Communities – as part of the NSW Department of Education and Communities. The NSW Volunteering Unit works with government agencies and the voluntary sector to develop and implement policies and strategies that make volunteering easier and more accessible. There are a number of initiatives that individuals can register to be part of. See link here:

Centre for Volunteering

The Centre for Volunteering is a peak body in NSW promoting and supporting volunteering and community participation. You can visit their link here

Volunteering Search Engines

Opportunities for volunteering can be found at the following websites and job search engines. Opportunities can be found for events volunteering, student volunteering, corporate volunteering, environmental volunteering and volunteering in emergency situations. Visit these links: and

Rights for Volunteers

The Centre for Volunteering has useful information on a range of issues including Centrelink requirements, insurance and other key rights and responsibilities for Volunteers. See this link for more information: