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Social Media use for job searching is a growing trend. These days a large number of jobs are accessed in what is known as the "hidden job market". This means most people don't get jobs by searching only through job search engines but a variety of other factors including networking, volunteering and social media use. Social Media use by recruiters and those looking for employment is sky rocketing in terms of numbers. Here are some tips to help you navigate this new terrain,


LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals online. Individuals can post their professional information and make connections with other professionals or interest groups. If you use LinkedIn it is important that you update your details regularly, and have other people you know recommend you. You can use Linked In to learn about different employers and job opportunities and also to join discussion groups.


While Facebook is not really a job board employers sometimes do their research on potential candidates before they hiring them. Ensuring your privacy on Facebook is therefore highly recommended. Pay attention to privacy settings, tags on photographs, any personal videos, and think about limiting the information others can access about you.