Find a Job

Find a Job


Many people will tell you that jobs are gained not solely because of “what you know” but also because of “who you know”. For that reason it is helpful to have a networking strategy to get you further in your job searching. Here are some tips to get you started with networking more effectively:

1. Make a contact list starting with the people you know in particular jobs

2. Contact them by phone

  • Introduce yourself by telling them a little about yourself and what your goals are
  • Ask if they know of any job opportunities that are available or are likely to come up soon
  • Ask them to keep you in mind for anything that comes up in the future
  • Let them know that you will call back some time down the track – work out when that will be for them
  • Ask if they know anyone you can call to follow this up further
  • Ask if they would mind if you call back down the track to check in with them again
  • Remember to thank the person you are speaking to
  • Follow up with an email and thank them again for their time

3. Be sure to make a follow up call at the time you agreed

4. AND Always keep networking!