How We Help
How We Help

Who We Are

At the WSI Counselling and Career Development Service we are committed to helping our students achieve career management skills which can sustain them through their working life and journey. Utilising the Australian Blueprint for Career Development our staff seek to support skills of personal management, learning, work exploration and career building.

How can we help?

If you are a prospective or current WSI TAFE student you can access careers counselling through our Counselling and Careers Development Service. Our counsellors can help you with choosing and planning a career and finding appropriate courses, developing or changing career direction, providing retraining options and as well as job-seeking skills. Counsellors also assist with assessments of your career interests and working style using questionnaires and computer based packages.

Once you are a TAFE student, Counsellors can help you with learning difficulties, study problems, exam anxiety, eligibility for financial assistance, recognition of prior learning, setting ongoing learning goals. TAFE students are also able to access personal counselling for help with issues and problems, such as family and relationship problems, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, assertiveness training, relaxation techniques and conflict resolution. You can also obtain information about and referral to a wide range of organisations within the wider community, such as where to go for legal, industrial relations, health matters and more.

You can make an appointment with your local TAFE careers counsellor by calling 131 870 or by emailing us.

Listen to the podcast below on what to expect at a Careers Counselling interview with one of our counsellors.