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Graduate Students

Graduate students:

What now?

Now that you have completed your course, what is your next step? Where do you go for assistance?

Depending on your personal circumstances – your course, work experience, other training completed, your next step can take numerous pathways. Some pathways may include:

1. Seeking work
2. Upgrading your work
3. Continuing your studies in a new direction
4. Continuing your studies to a higher level

These are just a few of the options but knowing you have successfully completed a qualification should help you to look positively towards your next step.


When considering your next step, you may want to research the career you have planned, whether it be visiting work locations, asking people in the industry or researching via the internet (such as some of the links outlined above) to get an idea of how employable you now are, what further preparation for employment you may need, and how to reach employment.

Sometimes we complete a qualification only to decide this is not the pathway in which we want to continue, or that the work prospects are not what we desire. If this is the case, you may need to reconsider your pathway and refer to career planning, or talk it over with someone, such as making an appointment with a TAFE Counsellor to discuss career pathways.


If you are considering that further qualifications may improve your job prospects, or that you would like to alter your career direction, talk to your TAFE teacher about options in the next step in training or book an appointment with a TAFE Counsellor to look at courses that could complement your recent qualification and lead you to your preferred pathway.


If you are feeling ready to enter the workforce with your new qualifications, there are several steps to take. The Career Tools section of the website will give you tips, ideas and links to resources to help source employment, prepare applications and present yourself for employment.

To gain assistance with contacting employers, refer to the Job Connect section of this website.


If you are looking to seek promotion with your new qualifications, contact your employer, your direct supervisor or your Human Resources department to see what work options are available to you.