How We Help
How We Help

Current Students

WSI & OTEN Counsellors are committed to supporting you to:

  • Get into the right course at the right level
  • Successfully complete your course by helping you manage your studies, and
  • Set appropriate career goals to find that job!

Each WSI college and OTEN has highly qualified and experienced counsellors who offer a vast range of confidential and professional services free of charge to individuals and/or groups.

Enrolled students receive advice and support from TAFE Counsellors in three broad areas:

  • Vocational counselling includes comprehensive career guidance; exploration of further study pathways; resume writing, interview techniques and other job seeking skills.
  • Educational counselling includes assessing learning difficulties and developing intervention strategies and study skills to maximise educational outcomes.
  • Personal counselling includes support for issues that may be interfering with studies at TAFE. Some examples are relationship difficulties, depression, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol problems, stress and anxiety, loss or grief, sexuality issues, financial problems and domestic violence.