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Positive Attitude

Or how to keep your chin up when applying for jobs...

Applying for jobs can be a very time consuming and labour intensive task. Sometimes this can mean you get that job first time around but for most people it may be many attempts before they land a job. So it is extremely important have a strategy that works for you and keeps your mental, emotional and physical health in balance.

It can be difficult to control a process in which other people make decisions about who gets a particular job, and for some it may be depressing. Positive thinking, monitoring your thinking and limiting negative thoughts are often helped by paying attention to your diet, taking exercise and developing a healthy sleep routine. Varying your activities throughout the day can also help to keep your mind healthy. Create routines that are easy to stick to, whether they are for job seeking or other life tasks.

You may want to consider volunteering or taking temporary work to keep your skills current, to develop new skills and to keep you engaged with other people. For example joining new support groups such as mentoring programs, local job clubs, or groups can help you to learn new things and meet new people.