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Career Tools

Applying for Jobs

When looking for potential jobs, you will need to think about how you can apply, obtain or create that career you want! Here’s a list of some ideas to help you along in that journey:

  • Throughout the whole process be mindful that your aim is to remain positive and to learn from the process.
  • Explore your skills, qualifications, strengths, experience, interests, and what you are passionate about – a Career Counsellor/Advisor can help you with this
  • Decide on the area of work you wish to explore
  • Develop your resume to match the area of work you wish to pursue
  • Research the industries and organisations you wish to work in (eg. the internet, newspaper articles, speak to people who work in similar roles, TAFE teachers who teach in this area)
  • Contact these organisations to see if they have available jobs
  • Research the internet and newspapers for job vacancies
  • Decide on the jobs you wish to apply for
  • Research the company offering the position
  • Make telephone contact with the job advertisement contact person – keep in mind that this may be a pre-interview
  • Adjust your resume for the target job and prepare your application for that target job
  • Job application includes cover letter, selection criteria and resume
  • Ensure all documents are proof-read by a third person prior to submission
  • Prepare for the interview, read over your application letter and resume
  • Prepare appropriate clothing for interview
  • Prepare for location of interview and allow extra time for possible time delays
  • If you are not successful in your application, telephone and request feedback
  • Remain positive and keep your chin up, it will be worth it!